742483646669721 "We are always thinking about who else is with us, even if they are not in the room" - The Bottom Line Podcast

Episode 45

Published on:

28th Mar 2024

"We are always thinking about who else is with us, even if they are not in the room," explains genetic counsellor Alisha.

On this episode Stephanie talks to Genetic Counsellor, Alisha, who demystifies the dynamic world of genetics and the implications for cancer patients.  

Alisha discusses the importance of knowing your family health history, how to access genetic testing, and the relevant questions to ask when faced with a possible bowel cancer genetic condition.

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The Bottom Line Podcast
An award winning podcast hosted by bowel cancer survivor, Stephanie Bansemer-Brown, is a monthly chat sharing stories and lived-experiences. Hearing from those living with or beyond bowel cancer, as well as health professionals involved in bowel cancer treatment and care, can be a valuable resource that can encourage and inspire others.

Please note, podcasts may occasionally contain content that some listeners may find distressing.
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