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Episode 18

Published on:

30th Jan 2022

“I can feel profound loneliness as a cancer patient trying to access treatment during COVID-19,” says Nicole.

Nicole has sadly passed away since the time of this recording. It is an important part of Nicole's legacy that her lived-experience continues to be shared to raise much needed awareness and support to others.

Bowel Cancer Australia thanks and acknowledges Nicole's contribution in creating a powerful voice for change, and our thoughts are with her loved ones.

COVID-19 has impacted all Australians but for bowel cancer patients navigating the healthcare system and accessing treatment, the pandemic has added complexities, some unforeseen, to an already stressful situation.

Stage 4 bowel cancer patient and advocate, Nicole chats to Stephanie about the importance of being an active participant in your treatment and care, never taking no for an answer and the profound loneliness she sometimes feels as a patient in the middle of a pandemic.

Nicole explains how being stranded in your room with a possible infectious disease and without the support you need as a cancer patient, is one of the more harrowing impacts of COVID-19.

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The Bottom Line Podcast
An award winning podcast hosted by bowel cancer survivor, Stephanie Bansemer-Brown, is a monthly chat sharing stories and lived-experiences. Hearing from those living with or beyond bowel cancer, as well as health professionals involved in bowel cancer treatment and care, can be a valuable resource that can encourage and inspire others.

Please note, podcasts may occasionally contain content that some listeners may find distressing.
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